June 24th - 26th 2022 9am - 5pm
E-Bike Test

Be there at the first Flachau E-Bike Festival 2022 and become part of the newly launched E-Bike World Tour. 

It’s time to get on the bikes for the first time. More than 20 brands will be there to show you the latest trends and the season’s best e-bikes. To be able to test them appropriately, there are 5 defined test loops just waiting to be rocked by you. It doesn’t matter what your riding level is, there’s something for everyone and fun on the bike is guaranteed! And the best part? You can test them out as much as you want.

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   June 24th - 26th - 2022
Freepik    Flachau


   Open to all (Beginner to Advanced)


   20 to 45 minutes loops



 25 EUR / day (Helmet use is mandatory. Helmets are not provided.)

E-Bike Test / Blue

The Flachau E-Bike Festival has of course created the ideal test loops for every riding ability. If you prefer a more leisurely ride and want to get used to the e-bikes at the beginning, then our two blue test loops are the ideal introduction. The gentle climbs and easy descents promise pure e-bike fun for everyone.

Check out the profiles of the two test loops bellow:


Name Distance Estimated Time Elevation Level
Loop 1 5,3 Km 20 Min +/-194 m Blue
Loop 2 7,3 Km 35 Min +/- 241 m Blue
E-Bike Test / Red

Our two red test loops are for anyone who already has the e-bikes well under control and is looking for smaller, technical challenges and the associated thrill. These are a little bit more demanding, both uphill and downhill, but still put the fun of riding an e-bike first.

Check out the profiles of the two test loops below:


Name Distance Estimated Time Elevation Level
Loop 3 6,1 Km 30 Min +/-257 m Red
Loop 4 9,9 Km 45 Min +/- 405 m Red
E-Bike Test / Black

You’re already technically very fit, have total control of the e-bike and are looking for an adrenaline rush in Flachau’s forests? Then our black test loop is the place to be. The steeper climbs and crisp downhill sections over narrow trails are sure to get your biker’s pulse racing.


Check out the profiles of the two test loops below:


Name Distance Estimated Time Elevation Level
Loop 5 7,5 Km 45 Min +/-394 m Black
To summarise


  • 5 loops from 30 minutes on average
  • Try out E-Bikes from over 20 different brands
  • Accessible for everyone
  • 25 EUR

4x4 tracks

Wide paths


Technical tracks, Single tracks

Forest sections, roots & rocks


Very technical tracks, Single tracks

Steep sections, roots & rocks